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Everyone knows the above portrait of the Prince and Princess of Wales on their wedding day. In fact, in the US, you'd have to be a complete media illiterate not to at least RECOGNIZE the members of the British Royal Family. But while this portrait is one of my favorites, I have taken it upon myself to provide some photos of some of the OTHER prominent European royals in the pages that follow. This is by no means a comprehensive site-- just one intended to introduce people to the faces that are so often photographed on the other side of the Atlantic.

The Galleries

Updated! May 22, 1998
Spain's Royals: Juan Carlos, Sofia, Felipe, Elena y Cristina
Greece's Royal Family: Constantine and kids
Other Euro-monarchies and prominent figures: Includes the Netherlands, Jordan and (eventually) others

Norway's Royals: Harald, Sonja, Haakon and Martha Louise
Principality of Monaco: Princess Grace's glamorous and, at times, troubled brood
Sweden's Royals: Carl Gustav and family
Denmark's Royals: Margarethe and her sons

Questions, comments? I'd be happy to share with you what little information I have.

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